Instant Delivery items will be delivered in 4-5 days. Others in 3-4 weeks.

About us

We take pride in being the first and only online store in Pakistan to make international brands available for Kid's Clothing.

Rest assured that the items will be sourced from the real sources and we will never carry any fake brand. is a top brands site and it will always be that. 

You’ll discover unique brands and products — the things that help your kid express his/her personal style.


We work with many offshore brands and stores to source our custom hand picked collection.
That's why the quantity will be limited and items will be unique

Your order from us online and we prepare your order for shipping. This is 6 weeks right now but we are working hard to bring it down further
This means you take a back seat and the kidswardrobe team takes care of getting the items to you

You get the item and you are a happy customer
Thats all we want